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October 28, 2020

Mariner’s Weather Handbook

Mariner’s Weather Handbook

Of all the things needed to get ready and prepared for sailing, nothing is more important than understanding the Weather Conditions and the tactics needed to take advantage of the variability of this often imponderable factor.

Mariner Weather Handbook” was written and published by Steve Dashew (a profound connoisseur of the sea, of sailing technique, of sailing and motor boats) who made it available to the sailing community, a real and free own “Bible” of Marine Meteorology for Sailors, a complete and exhaustive guide of almost 600 pages where you can find every aspect of the “Weather” factor with which one must inevitably compare during a navigation or sailing cruise.

Mariner Weather Handbook” is the result of years of research and more than 200,000 sea miles of navigations all over the world, and should be on board any offshore sailing or motorboat, and be carefully read by each Skipper.

Mariner’s Weather Handbook

To get an immediate idea of ​​what awaits you in the 600 pages of the “Mariner Weather Handbook”, read the Table of Content and the Alphabetical Index, find all the other publications, books and DVDs by Steve and Linda Dashew here.

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